Work Culture @ AMS:


AMS encourages fresh ideas and talent in its business. Every AMSian has an access to the wealth of expertise which the company has built over several decades. We nurture young talent, develop their innovative skills and hone their technical proficiency. The Management lays emphasis on an open learning platform for all employees to explore the talent to meet the vision of delivering ‘Total Solutions Under One Roof.’ Aspirants could be fresh engineering graduates, from an executive cadre or a manager – they all are treated at par with a common working philosophy and transparency in encouraging their performance to meet the goals of the company.


Work & Life Balance @ AMS:


A friendly environment is in place at AMS. Every special event is marked with a celebration that includes the participation of top management to foster closer relations and work-life balance. We at AMS are a close knit family with strong relations amongst employees. The company hosts regular get-togethers on special occasions to foster team spirit and camaraderie among all its employees.

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